Bumper Cars

Bumper-to-bumper traffic and fender benders have never been so fun.

Bumper cars that spin plus a laser light show? We call that a mash-up of awesomeness. As you bump and spin, our custom light show makes your experience feel more like a video game than driving. These aren’t your standard amusement park bumper cars. Chase down your friends or escape their attempts to bump you off your path. Everyone wins in the Laser Fury arena.

Whether you’re a master at ramming into others or you just seem to be the one always getting bumped from behind, it’s hard not to laugh when your cars collide.

There’s really no comparison to driving a boring real car. Laser Fury is WAY more fun. And for the kids who love cars but aren’t quite old enough to drive, they’ll love hitting the gas and steering their car. Grown-ups will love a more fun version of driving. Just make sure you don’t take those bumping skills to the real cars.

We want to make your time at Abukar Entertainment Park even more special, so we’ve made a few regular events to bring everyone together, so please don't Missed.