Project Location.

The Entertainment and Recreation service Project is situated in Jijiga city which is the favorable socio economic and environmental conditions and the existing gap b/n the supply and demand for the project will make the project site conducive for better utilization of the intended operation.

Project Service Description.

From the market study, it is observed that there is a great demand gap between the demand and supply of standard Entertainment and recreation centers and the economic scale, the service the project will have the following service.


 Child play games,

 Hall meetings with facilities with stage theaters for meetings.

 Café and restaurants service.

The proposed facilities are intended to balance the commercial and social benefits for all community by creating a welcoming space to help cultivate a strong sense of community, promote health and wellness of the community.

and support for the needs of local residents.

There will also be indirect benefits from complimentary development which will occur adjacent to the facility, promoting greater business investment.

interest, regional awareness and tourism opportunities.

The proposed entertainment and recreation service will enhance the tourism.

experience in many ways and create opportunities for the community residents in jijiga.